West of loathing pickle factory

West of loathing pickle factory

The abandoned pickle factory is a location in west of loathing. It is revealed when you accept the quest from the wanted poster for the gherkin brothers. Upon visiting the factory, you enter a horrific vision in which you are working a triple shift at the factory.

Solution this one, you need to get the temp up to anything above 190, but make sure the last digit is a zero.

The stick figure, western rpg of the year has arrived in the form of west of loathing, a slapstick comedy adventure across the desert landscape in search of a vile necromancer. Along the way are side quests and puzzles galore, including a few that are lot harder than anything involving stick figure drawings have a right to be.

The abandoned pickle factory is a location in west of loathing. It is revealed when you accept the quest from the wanted poster for the gherkin brothers. Afer reaching the door at the factory, the player will have a vision where they are working a triple shift as a pickle hopper.

The abandoned pickle factory is a location in west of loathing.

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  its time to hit the dusty trails and head west in west of loathing! Who knew going to a pickle factory would suck?west of loathing a slapstick comedy stic.

No matter what i do, i cant get them to be the same, they always end up at 101112 at the closest.

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West of loathing pickle factory

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