Verizon wireless bogo iphone

Verizon wireless bogo iphone

Apples devices, especially the new models, take a while before they get discounted.

  i was supposed to get bogo on the iphone 12 pro and im ending up having to pay for both because a salesman clicked the wrong button. Of course its outside of return window, and the best they could do is a 25 refund on one of the phones.

  verizons bogo deal for the iphone 12 was a scam! I am beyond frustrated with verizon! As a loyal verizon customer of twenty years, we decided to upgrade to the unlimited plans and add a line for our daughter to take advantage of the bogo deal for the iphone 12 pro max on december 29, 2020.

Same-day delivery same-day delivery is available in select areas. If same-day delivery is available for your order, youll be able to choose that option at checkout.

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Verizon wireless bogo iphone

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