Trading moon phases

Trading moon phases

Starting just after the january 28, 2020 full moon , prices rose sharply in the first big peak. 6 months later just after the august 3, 2020 full moon in leo , prices rose sharply again. Now it is 6 months later just after the full moon on january 28, 2021.

  moon in aspect we already know the key phases of the moons monthly aspects - those it makes with the sun the new moon (conjunction), full moon (opposition), first quarter (square) and third quarter (square). So, it shouldnt be too hard to come to grips with the terms conjunction, opposition and square - especially for moon traders.

Trading the mood swings of the monthly lunar cycle will produce three-to-six times the profit of a simple, buy-and-hold strategy. University studies have been conducted on astrologers assertions that lunar phases affect public mood and, thereby, also cause an impact on stock prices.

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The lunar buy-sell strategy is based on buying on the new moon and selling on the next full moon (usually in 14 to 16 days). We quote here an excerpt from the bank of scotland report if an investor had invested pstg 1000 in ftse in 1984, by now he would have approx.

Half moon marked dead high or low going in to next full moon. System wait for half moon daily bar to close, wait for next days bar to close, trade silver in that direction with stop 1 tick above the high or low of the half moon bar.

Buy when the angle between the moon and the sun reaches 138 degrees and sell when this angle reaches 33 degrees. We can formulate this trading system easier to memorize buy three days before the full moon and sell three days after the new moon.

  (called moon distance cycle in the lunatictrader software) the moons path around the earth is slightly elliptic. At its closest point the moon is about 10 closer to earth than at its farthest point.

  hello guys, while scrolling through the public library, i was surprised that there was no open-source version of the moon phase indicator. All moon phase indicators in the public library were either protected or not exactly what i was looking for. There is a built-in moon phase indicator, but even for this one, we cant access its source code.

Moon phases and stock returns for both the 15-day and 7-day window specifications. Stock returns are, on average, 4 bps lower daily (about 5 annually) for the 15 days around the full moon than for the 15 days around the new moon.

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Trading moon phases

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