Msp terminal 1 parking rates

Msp terminal 1 parking rates

Daily parking at terminal 1 is offered in the green, gold, blue, red, pink and brown ramps, with exception to gold level 3 which is hourly parking only.

With automated entrances and exits, theres usually no waiting in line to park or head home.

  parking ramps charge 5 for the first hour and 3 for each following hour. For terminal 2 travelers, daily parking is 36 a day at that terminal.

Short term msp parking rates are 5 for the first hour and 3 per additional hour at the terminal 1-lindbergh garage on level 3 (gold) and terminal 2-humphrey garage, and 3 for the first hour with a daily maximum of 15 at the quick ride ramp.

  msp daily parking lot 5 for the first hour 3 each additional hour 26 maximum charge per day msp quick ride ramp 3 for the first hour 15 maximum charge per day msp terminal 1 hourly 5 for the first hour 3 each additional hour 26 maximum charge per day msp terminal 2 hourly 5 for the first hour 3 each additional hour 36 maximum charge per day.

  hourly parking-terminal 1 rate hour 0-1 5 each additional hour 3 daily maximum rate 26 hourly parking-terminal 2 rate hour 0-1 5 each additional hour 3 daily maximum rate 36 valet parking (terminal 1-lindbergh) rate hour 0-1 10 each additional hour 3 daily maximum rate 45.

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Msp terminal 1 parking rates

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Msp terminal 1 parking rates

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