Jfk lot 9 long term parking

Jfk lot 9 long term parking

Jfk international airport - long-term lot 9 (economy lot) lefferts blvd jamaica new york city, ny 11430 1 httpswww.

Parking at the airport can be costly in the long-term, thats why many airports have an economy parking lot located further from the airport.

12 reviews of jfk long term parking lot 9 i created this review for the jfk long term parking lot (lot 9 specifically) managed by the port authority. The jfk long term parking listed at s conduit ave is a private business with a name that is misleading. There are even pictures of lot 9 on that companys review page which adds to the confusion.

Long-term parking option there is only one option when it comes to long-term parking lot. The fee for the first 24 hours is 18, and 6 for every additional 8 hours on top of that. There are special options for passengers with reduced mobility.

Tell us when youd like to park and well show you parking rates (total, not hourly) on the map.

  jfk economy lot (long term parking lot 9) is a perfect choice for an extended stay. This airport parking lot is situated at lefferts boulevard, about 4 miles from the terminal building. It is the cheapest on-airport parking option the daily rate is 18. (after the first day, charges are incurred in eight-hour increments - 6 per 8 hours.).

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Jfk lot 9 long term parking

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