Is xm regulated in south africa

Is xm regulated in south africa

Some of you might ask though, is xm south africa regulated by the fsca? This is where the problem arises it is not, at least as of writing this article. This is because xms global presence has yet to be officially announced in south africa, even if they do offer their services to traders from here.

  the economy of african countries, especially south africa, nigeria and kenya, is rapidly growing. This condition attracts financial service providers to set foot on the demand for global trading.

  south african traders will be trading under the subsidiary, xm global limited, regulated by the belize ifsc. As such, xm ensures that all client funds are held in segregated accounts at tier-1 banks. It also offers negative balance protection to all clients, so traders can never lose more than they have in their trading account.

Is xm regulated in south africa? Xm is not regulated by south africas financial services board. However, it is regulated by top-tier authorities in the uk, australia, and cypress.

Com is an online global broker that was founded in 2009 and has its head office in cyprus. Com has since grown to become a large and well-established international investment firm and a true industry leader with more than 2 500 000 clients from 196 countries.

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Is xm regulated in south africa

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