I lost my authenticator

I lost my authenticator

Google should find a way to link the autenticator app to your mail, so you can always log in. The whole point of using 2-step verification is to protect the account (make it harder for someone else to get into your account).

  if you say my work email is working just well means that you can log into httpsposrtal.

  if you lose it the authenticator can be transferred as long as you have the serial numberrestore code.

  usually, you would install google authenticator on your smartphone. Afterward, any time you try to log into a website that two-factor authentication, you will supply your username and password to the website youre visiting. The authenticator will generate another password, which is one time only.

  you will also have to install authenticator again in your device. Some people suggest a cloud based 2sv system, such as authy other similar apps out there as well you can find them doing a google search. And for future reference- move google authenticator to a new phone.

Hello everyone, when first setting up login verification via either email, text or authenticator, you will have received a set of backup codes that are to be used when being unable to access your verification method.

  hello,so the thing is, i have an authenticator on my phone and i just lost my phone( in there have my sim card).

Disable the authenticator (go to the steam guard menu and select remove authenticator). Note that doing this will prevent you from trading or using the community market for 15 days. It is recommended that you transfer the authenticator instead whenever possible.

If youve lost or had your mobile device stolen, you can take either of the following actions sign in using a different method.

  step 2 i deleted or lost my steam guard mobile authenticator step 3 enter your account name, email address or phone number step 4 account verification by phone number.

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I lost my authenticator

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