Brian kelly bkcm

Brian kelly bkcm

  brian is the portfolio manager for the bkcm digital asset fund, an actively managed portfolio of digital assets.

Brian kelly is founder & ceo of bkcm llc, a digital currency investment firm. He is the portfolio manager of the bkcm digital asset fund and the rex bkcm blockchain etf (nyse bkc).

Brian kelly founded bkcm, llc in 2013 and has over 25 years of investment experience. Kelly co-founded and was the managing partner of shelter harbor capital llc and managed the shelter harbor capital global macro hedge fund.

Brian kelly is founder & ceo of bkcm llc, a digital currency investment firm. He is the portfolio manager of the bkcm digital asset fund and the rex bkcm blockchain etf (nyse bkc).

Brian is the portfolio manager for the bkcm digital asset fund, an actively managed portfolio of digital assets. He is a sought-after commentator a regular cnbc contributor, on fast money and other programs and a frequent keynote speaker at crypto and blockchain conferences around the world.

Bkcm llc (the company) is an investment management firm focused on global macro and currency investing, including investing in digital currencies. The company operates one or more funds in reliance upon an exemption from commodity pool operator registration under applicable commodity futures trading commission regulations.

Brian kelly capital management is an investment management firm catering to high net worth individual investors, family offices, and institutions.

  brian kelly starts blockchain etf on wednesday, brian kelly announced that he is starting a blockchain-based etf, otherwise known an exchange-traded fund. For those who dont know, brian kelly is the ceo of the bkcm fund, which is an independent investment firm.

Compre-market-showbrian kelly capital llc is a global macro investment firm catering to high.

Competitors of bkcm include arca, republic and spirit blockchain.

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Brian kelly bkcm

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