Airship cargo gw2

Airship cargo gw2

Airship cargo as seen in the air during night and the enemy airship cargo are goods from the destroyed pact airships and are scattered throughout verdant brink.

  large airship cargo are larger, but more rare, versions of airship cargo that appear in verdant brink during the night, each containing a higher number of airship parts and more additional loot than a standard cargo.

  airship cargo farming routes in the verdant brink with taco markers taco markers download httptekkitsworkshop.

Starting from the shipwreck waypoint in the far east portion of the map, head straight up to the cliff overlooking the wreckage and begin gliding down towards the hero point located at the very bottom of the crevasse.

  to be precise, the regular airship cargo drop 3 and very rarely drop 25.

  sign in with your gw2 account register en fr es de index. It is way too easy to miss the floating airship cargos after meta bosses in verdant brink. Sometimes you can glide right through the node and you wont grab them, and other times you.

They are very similar to normal airship cargo, and require 1 pact crowbar to open. Anyway the loot from them is as follows bloodstone dustfragmentsore.

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Airship cargo gw2

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